Creative challenge: Day 2
December 19, 2012, 12:26 am
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30 Day Video Game Creativity Challengeduck2

Day 2:

Duck Hunt Man Cave Art

Made with Perler Melty Beads.


Creative Challenge : Day 1
December 18, 2012, 1:04 am
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I have been pretty busy lately. With working and going to school full time I hadn’t been able to find much time to just do anything fun lately, never the less do any “creative” projects. 

So with winter break in sight, I challenged myself to do something creative everyday for 30 days.  Hoping to gain my brother’s interest, I asked him to give me a theme to go by. 

Without second thought he declared VIDEO GAMES to be our theme.  What a surprise…. –_-‘ (the boy lives by video games)  Welp, I got what I asked for and off we go.


30 Day Video Game Creativity Challenge

Day 1:

Super Mario Bros. Christmas Stocking


I sketched and painted the design on canvas fabric with acrylic paint and fabric medium. Once dried, I cut our the pattern and attached it to a stocking I made.  The name is made from Perler Melty Beads which creates the perfect pixelated look.


My brother loves it!  Whooo!  Day one down, 29 more to go!

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