Jello Failure
May 14, 2011, 12:33 am
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Today was my dear friend’s birthday, and me being myself, I simply cannot pass up the opportunity to make a fun, delicious desert for the occasion.  Last few times it has been a neat cake or an off the wall flavored batch of cupcakes, but this time I decided to try my hand at something new.  JELLO.

DSC01353So we began the adventure with the search for a Jello mold, one of the one that my Grandma used to hang on the wall in the kitchen as decoration, one that was an odd shape such as a pecan or lobster and copper in color.  Come to find out, these little babies are not all that easy to find.  They don’t really make them anymore, and I didn’t have time to order one online. So we hopped from store to store until I hit the jackpot!  We found an small antique store that had at least twenty different molds in all shapes and sizes.  Of course I got the biggest Jello mold they had!  Nothing less than the best for my girl.



I was off!  I bought six boxes of Jello, mixed them up, layered them into a rainbow pattern, let it sit overnight and had it ready to take to work the next morning.  Little did I know that while it was sitting in the fridge at work, two of the layers didn’t bind well enough, separated and completely slid apart!!!  It was a DISASTER!

My poor Claire, so upset.  We were looking forward to have a giant Jello Birthday “Cake”.  We instead stuck a bunch of candles into the pile of sloppy goop that was left over and sang to her sweet wishes.  -_-‘

This is not over just yet.  I will conquer you Jello.


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