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July 19, 2011, 3:27 pm
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Hello, my name is Amanda and I am a home owner.  (WOOO HOOO!!)

20110719_5Every time I say it, a get that strange bubble filled with a rejoicing giggle like scream trapped in my throat.  I try to keep it down, but sometimes it wiggles it’s way out, and all you can hear are hysterical chuckles, “woots”, and “oh yeas” echoing across the neighborhood.  I know this joy will soon die once I get tired of all the maintenance and bills that come with ownership, but until then, I will glow in the pride of having my own house!

We’re still in the middle of unloading everything.  We have ordered new furniture that is scheduled to be delivered in two weeks, and I have finally finished putting together the new kitchen table and chairs.BUT, the very FIRST thing I had to do was paint our room!  If you have ever lived in an apartment, you know that you are not given the freedom to choose your own colors.  You are stuck with one of two evils.  White (eh) or Beige (oh god).  Time for so change.

Our room’s color scheme is GRAY, BLACK, WHITE, & RED

  • 20110719_9Wall Color: “Vintage Gray” by Valspar
  • Headboard: Black Tufted Faux Leather $99 at Garden Ridge
  • Mattress & Box Frame: King Size Plush Top $199 – King Size Box Frame $159
  • King Bed Frame: $30 at Heavenly Sleep Shoppe
  • Bedding: Red Jersey Sheets $30 – Reversible Comforter $40 at Target

Still have a long way to go.  Art to make and by, night stands to refinish, dresser on its way, shelves to hang, sockets to replace, window seat treatment, and need to still find a chair and truck/bench at a decent price.  And that’s just for our room. Yes.  A very long way to go.

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I love the head board. And we’ve been moved into our place for the past 3 months and I still love it…=)

Anyway so exciting!

Comment by Jennifer

I thought you said you did, have you ever posted any photos yet? Would love to see it. Either way, I should be able to see it at Lily’s party. 😀

Comment by duhgeorge

love the bedroom so far, very calming. can’t wait to see more of your creative juices get flowing!

Comment by Ali

Oh man, I’ve got so many ideas in my head, I’m about to explode!! So many walls, so much paint, and so little time. ugh. I’ve gotta guueeeest rooooooom. wink wink

Comment by duhgeorge

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