Self Motivation: Mid Year Goals
May 14, 2011, 1:07 pm
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These are goals that I am setting for myself to accomplish by the end of the year.  Some are much larger than others, but all are important to me and my family.


  • Find something positive to celebrate everyday.
  • Move into our first HOUSE!
  • Find a lesson to be learned from every person I meet.
  • Be healthy, weather slimming down or just getting energy for everyday life.
  • GET HITCHED!  No matter what, make sure our wedding is a BLAST!


  • Enroll and start attending Art Classes, drawing, painting, and/or design.
  • Learn to cook with something different. (lavender, squid ink, deer meat, ect.)
  • Carve something out of wood.
  • Finish a knitted Afghan Blanket.
  • Paint something on a large canvas.


  • Eat something new.  (Matzo Ball Soup, Banana Curry, Korean Cuisine, ect.)
  • Start learning a new language. (Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, ect.)
  • Plant a garden and a tree.
  • Learn a magic trick.
  • Learn how to Salsa Dance.
  • Open up a savings account.

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