In the Beginning…
May 11, 2011, 8:42 pm
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This is going to be the beginning of my latest hobby, or addiction (tomato, tomawto), and hopefully I won’t turn my back to it like I tend to do with most of sad attempts at writing.  I’m sure it will get easier the further I get along, but for now it will be a challenge.motivation quote   I plan to write about my everyday life, the bumps I come across and the small triumphs I achieve.   I plan to share my appreciation of other’s amazing talent while showing my attempts to improve my own.  Me and my family are working on buying our first home, and then my best friend and I are going to tie the knot by this fall, so that in it’s self will be entertaining to look back on.  Wish me luck, for the stress of becoming a responsible adult is hanging right above my head and I’m afraid that they forgot to give me my hard hat from the get go.  I promise to –try- not to vent about the negative things in life, but to celebrate only the positive!  

Enough of the boring talk, on to the FUN STUFF!!

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